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I'm Sundar
Full-Stack Developer

I aim to join a reliable and innovative organization, excel in a role showcasing my proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, and contribute meaningfully to its ongoing technical exploration.

I'm drawn to full stack development because it allows me to create both the front-end, what users see and interact with, and the back-end, the behind-the-scenes logic that powers websites and applications. I enjoy the variety it offers, from designing user interfaces to implementing database functionality. Full stack development lets me bring ideas to life and solve complex problems in a holistic way.

M.Sc Information Technology (2022-2024)
Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College
CGPA: 8.5

B.Sc Computer Science(2019-2022)
Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College
CGPA: 8.18

HSC (2018-2019)
Kannada Sangha Higher Secondary School
Percentage: 50.5

SSLC (2016-2017)
Kannada Sangha Higher Secondary School
Percentage: 61.1

My Education


Full-Stack Development

  • AICL Training (07/07/23 - 18/07/23)

    I gained hands-on experience with fundamental web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL. I successfully applied this knowledge to create a comprehensive mini website, showcasing my proficiency in these essential elements.

  • iTech Solutions (Current)

    Working at iTech Solutions as a full-stack developer Intern, I am gaining valuable experience in designing and implementing robust web applications, honing both my front-end and back-end development skills to deliver high-quality solutions to clients.

  • Face Recognition Based Attendance-Monitoring System

    Taking attendance in lecture halls can be hard and take a lot of time, especially with many students, which can lead to proxy attendance issues. Normal methods struggle with this, so we need better, automated solutions, like face recognition. Fingerprint and RFID tags have been used, but they're not always reliable. To fix this, a project suggests making an automated system that uses facial recognition. It marks attendance by recognizing faces, making it quicker and easier. The goal is to make attendance easier using face detection and recognition algorithms. This system reduces workload a lot compared to normal methods. It has four phases: Image Capturing, Group Image Segmentation and Face Detection, Face Comparison and Recognition, and Updating Attendance in the database.

    Academic Project

    My Certificates

    Database Management Systems
    Sep 2023

    Java (Basics)
    Spoken Tutorials
    Apr 2023

    Full-Stack Development
    iTech Solutions
    Apr 2024

    Student Placement Coordinator

    Managed and facilitated successful placement activities as the Placement Coordinator for the department of M.Sc. Information Technology As a placement coordinator in DDGDV College, my responsibilities include assisting students in securing internships and job opportunities relevant to their field of study.

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